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Leadership skills – Project RELO

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I am one of those lucky people who has 2 homes. I grew up in Malaysia and spent 19 years of my life in that beautiful country and then left to what i call home now – America.

A month ago I joined a Project RELO Mission. This non-for profit organization provides an avenue for corporate executives to participate in some extraordinary experiences along with veterans. I learned from the veterans what it means to be brave, resilient, positive, process oriented, mission focused and most importantly the meaning of actually sacrificing for the greater good – even if it means time away from loved ones. I learned from the executives what it means to be willing to learn, willing to teach and willing to step out of their comfort zones. I really felt like I was sitting amongst giants. We sat around the campfire and shared stories like friends and family who have known each other for years. We opened up about what our ambitions were, our aspirations could be and what regrets we have.

I am so grateful for the privilege to have been on this mission, so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience something that will forever make me a better person in my professional and personal life, so privileged that I understand how powerful having the skillsets and strengths of a someone who has served our country translates into business and most of all so privileged to call this beautiful country, America – my home.

For more information on project RELO – visit their website:

http://www.projectrelo.org Casey McEuin

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