What do I need to pack?

With the weather constantly changing in northern Michigan, we provide numerous packing lists to accommodate each person.  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.  When you enlist on a mission, you will be provided with a … Read More

Are the missions physical?

While there is a level of physicality on the missions, there is no physical requirement.  We have controls in place for everybody of every physical level.  Whether you run marathons or you just retired from your second career, you will … Read More

Where are the missions conducted?

A majority of the missions are conducted on Camp Grayling in Grayling, MI.  There are times when the missions are at other bases, so keep a look out on our Situation Report page.

Can I bring my entire team?

Absolutely!!!  What better way to do professional development and team building than to accomplish a military style mission as one!